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About the website

This website's aim is to give researchers and other interested parties access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. The website's various 'entrances' are intended to make it as easy as possible to find the resources one is seeking. Short introductions to issues in research ethics systematize the material and help those looking for a quick overview.

Target audience

CODEX addresses first and foremost those who are actively involved in research, but also the interested public. Thus, no special previous knowledge is needed to understand the website's contents.


CODEX's ambition is, through groupings of links and introductory texts, to provide access to and information on central guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. We wish to stress, however, that CODEX does not claim to be comprehensive, and furthermore that laws and regulations change frequently. Our ambition is always to keep the website as updated as possible, however we cannot guarantee accuracy in every individual piece of information.

The editor of CODEX is the sole responsible for the selection of links, and for viewpoints and opinions stated in the reserach ethics summaries. For the contents of websites linked to by CODEX, the websites in question are responsible. Note that we do not censor viewpoints or arguments put forth in various policy documents and ethical appeals.


Since the information presented on the website is general, it should not be used as the only source in making decisions on important matters. Although we aim to present high-quality content on our website, it is not possible to completely avoid errors. If the content linked to or paraphrased in CODEX differ from the written version of any document, the written version is authoritative.

If you use or download information from this website, or from any link on this website, you do so at your own responsibility and risk. Visitors to the website are solely responsible for any damage or problems affecting computer systems after downloading information from this website.

External links to CODEX

You may show a link to or our 'mirror' on but you may not use the logos of the Swedish Research Council or Uppsala University to indicate a link to our website. This practice avoids uncertainty about who is responsible for information on the website where the link is placed. Design the link to open a new window for CODEX , i.e. it should not be placed in the frameset of another website.


The Government´s Agency for Administrative Development has developed “Guidelines for 24/7 Websites". Our website aims to meet as many of the guidelines as possible. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to define document presentation, and the content will adhere to the XHTML standard.

Web browser

The pages follow common standards and should be readable with any browser which does likewise. They are tested on newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. One should also have access to the free program Adobe Reader, as well as software that reads Microsoft Word documents, as these two formats (.pdf and .doc, respectively) commonly occur.

An installation of the Google Toolbar is a simple and effective way to enable searching within this website, as with any website. It is also possible to search within CODEX.


CODEX does not use cookies. But both the Swedish Research Council´s website and the website of Uppsala University use session cookies to provide better service to visitors. This type of cookie is erased when you close your web browser. If you do not wish to accept cookies you can set your web browser to block them. The websites we link to might also use cookies, something we take no responsibility for.


The Swedish Research Council and Uppsala University are state authorities. Hence, messages that you send to us are public documents that can be released according to the “principle of public access to official documents".


Unless otherwise specified, the information on CODEX may be used freely, providing that the source is cited.

Misrepresentation of the information is prohibited. Likewise, the information may not be used in an offensive manner or context.


The webeditor is Stefan Eriksson.

Last updated: 2018-12-18

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