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Rules and guidelines

The alphabetical index provides links to external documents such as codes, laws, regulations, rules and guidelines. Most documents can be found under both title and author (the latter in italics). In case links lead to a collection of documents this symbol is shown: Collection















  • National Society of Genetic Counselors, US: Code of Ethics
  • National Society of Professional Engineers, US: NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers
  • National Statement on Research Integrity in Social Work (The Council on Social Work Education - US)
  • Nationella patent på engelska - Lagrådsremiss (Ministry of Justice)
  • Nationella patent på engelska - Prop. 2013/14:53 (Ministry of Justice)
  • Nationella patent på engelska? SOU 2012:19 (Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications)
  • Nationell samordning av kliniska studier - Dir. 2013:64 (Ministry of Education & Research)
  • Nature: Editorial policies
  • Network of European CNS Transplantation and Restoration - NECTAR: Ethical Guidelines for the Use of Human Embryonic or fetal Tissue for Experimental and Clinical Neurotransplantation and Research
  • Nightingale Pledge
  • Nordforsk: Open Access to Research Data – Status, Issues and Outlook
  • Nordic Council of Ministers:
  • Nordic Committee on Bioethics:
  • Norms on the responsibilities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises with regard to human rights (United Nations)
  • North American Regional Committee of the Human Genome Diversity Project: Model Ethical Protocol for Collecting DNA Samples
  • Northern Nurses' Federation: Etiska riktlinjer för omvårdnadsforskning i Norden
  • Note for guidance on definitions for Genomic Biomarkers, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacogenetics, Genomic Data and Sample Coding Categories (EMA)
  • Note for guidance on general considerations for clinical trials (EMA)
  • Note for Guidance on Genotoxicity Testing and Data Interpretation for Pharmaceuticals Intended for Human Use (EMA)
  • Note for guidance on statistical principles for clinical trials (EMA)
  • Note for guidance on the quality, preclinical and clinical aspects of gene transfer medicinal products (EMA)
  • Notes on cloning (The Vatican)
  • NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers (National Society of Professional Engineers, US)
  • Nuclear Age Peace Foundation:
  • Nuffield Council on Bioethics: Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and research
  • Nuremberg Code
  • Nürnberger Kodex (1997) (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - IPPNW)
  • Ny dataskyddslag - Prop. 2017/18:105 (Ministry of Justice)
  • Ny djurskyddslag - SOU 2011:75 (Ministry for rural affairs)
  • Ny ordning för att främja god sed och hantera oredlighet i forskning, SOU 2017:10 (Ministry of Education & Research)
  • Ny ordning för att främja god sed och hantera oredlighet i forskning - referral to the Council on Legislation (Ministry of Education & Research)
  • Ny patentlag - SOU 2015:41 (Ministry of Justice)
  • Ny yttrandefrihetsgrundlag? Yttrandefrihetskommittén presenterar tre modeller - SOU 2010:68 (Ministry of Justice)
  • Nyttiggörande av högskoleuppfinningar SOU 2005:95 (Ministry of Education & Research)
  • "När får man blåsa i visselpipan? Förslag till riktlinjer för när det är försvarbart att offentligt rapportera om oetisk verksamhet inom den egna organisationen" (article by Tore Nilstun & Peter Westerholm in Läkartidningen)

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