The Humboldt Pledge

                     I (name) pledge to thoroughly investigate and take into account the social
                     and environmental consequences of any job opportunity I consider.

                     Since 1987 this pledge has appeared at the commencement exercises of Humboldt
                     State University (California) for graduates to sign voluntarily. It was suggested by the
                     work of Professor Charles Schwartz, Physics Department, University of California
                     Berkeley, and was drafted in 1987 by Matt Nicodemus and Jenny Berman of the
                     Student Citizens for Social Responsibility at HSU. Since then the pledge has
                     received national press coverage and has appeared in various forms in high schools
                     and colleges in the USA. It is reprinted here by courtesy of the Graduation Pledge
                     Alliance at Humboldt State University, which encourages its adoption by others.

                     For more information, contact: Graduation Pledge Alliance, Box 4439, Arcata, CA
                     95521, USA.