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Welcome to the CODEX website - rules and guidelines for research

This website's aim is to give access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. One can search for a specific document or ones originating from a certain author ("Rules and guidelines"). Short introductions to issues in research ethics create a certain coherence and help those looking for a quick overview ("About research ethics").

CODEX addresses first and foremost those who are actively involved in research, but also the interested public. Thus, no special previous knowledge is needed to understand the website's contents. We graciously accept corrections and suggestions for additions - and please tell us when finding broken links.

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Research ethics news

Regulation threatens humanities research

Demands on researchers in the humanities to archive data and to have an ethical approval are imported from the natural sciences, writes debaters (Universitetsläraren). Read more »

Misconduct dismissal soon in AD
The 17th of March 'Arbetsdomstolen', AD, starts it hearing on the Lund researcher that got sacked last year after being found guilty of research misconduct (Universitetsläraren). Read more »

New journal special issues scam revealed
Special issues proposed to real journals are scams designed to fool researchers into paying APCs (Retraction Watch). Read more »

Swedish interpretation of GDPR is bad for science
The ambition to interpret GDPR in the strictest possible way greatly affects health research in Sweden. It is time for a change regarding laws on health data, an opinion piece argues (Västerbottenskuriren). Read more »

Transformative new deal with Elsevier
A new deal through Bibsam gives unlimited open access for Swedish research (Kungliga Biblioteket). Read more »

We must discuss the new genetics
The breakthrough for the Crispr technique gives us new options for changing our genes - but a societal debate on its use is much needed, Lund scholars claim (SvD). Read more »

Macchiarini gets prison sentence
Paolo Macchiarini and two other surgeons are found guilty of fraud and of abusing their positions (Dagens Medicin). Read more »

Scandalous German animal experimentation centre to close?
Pictures of terrified, restrained and bleeding animals spurred a lot of anger when published last month. Now the centre will close, but still it is uncleqar when (Tidningen Syre). Read more »

30 years after publication, a paper cited by creationists is retracted
Professor Dan Larhammar criticized the paper 25 years ago (Retraction Watch). Read more »

Unethical research behind Nobel prize
The researches behind the prize in economics are lauded while the methods used have severe ethical problems, writes Bo Rothstein (DN Debatt). Read more »

Update: Replik från kommittén för Ekonomipriset (+ others)

How academic staff escapes
Academics hide, play dumb, don't care or over-perform. Everything to oppose the system and administration (Science Norway). Read more »

China tightens misconduct standards
China has strengthened its fight against academic misconduct by publishing new standards defining plagiarism, fabrication, falsification and other violations of research integrity. Experts believe the clarity will make it easier to discipline researchers who violate the rules (Ecns). Read more »

Ethical vetting for case studies?
In the debate on this issue, Christer Sundström and the Ethical Review Authority explain their positions (Läkartidningen). Read more »

How science has shifted our sense of identity
Biological advances have repeatedly changed who we think we are, writes Nathaniel Comfort, in the third essay of a series marking Nature’s anniversary on how the past 150 years have shaped science today. Read more »

The Research Data Sharing Business Landscape
An overview of key trends affecting the landscape of actors involved in supporting the publication and sharing of research data (Scholarly Kitchen). Read more »

New Journal Focused on Reproducibility
Cambridge University Press is launching a new open-access journal to help address science's reproducibility issues and glacial peer-review timelines: Experimental Results (Inside higher education). Read more »

We Need to Talk About Authorship Abuse
The academic community must move beyond compliance with standards and toward the cultivation of a greater sense of ethical responsibility, argue A. Susan & Jordan Jurow. Read more »

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Last updated: 2020-03-18
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