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Welcome to the CODEX website - rules and guidelines for research

This website's aim is to give researchers and other interested parties access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. One can search for a specific document or ones originating from a certain author ("Rules and guidelines"). Short introductions to issues in research ethics create a certain coherence and help those looking for a quick overview ("About research ethics"). There are regular news updates from the world of research ethics.

CODEX addresses first and foremost those who are actively involved in research, but also the interested public. Thus, no special previous knowledge is needed to understand the website's contents. We graciously accept corrections and suggestions for additions - and please tell us when finding broken links.

Research ethics news

New regulation on animal experimentation?
The Swedish Board of Agriculture have presented a new ordinance on animal experimentation and ethics approval. It has been sent out for referral and here are the answers from the Swedish Better Regulation Council, Stockholms University and The Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board.

Data Inspection Board to be Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten
The Swedish Government gives Datainspektionen 30 million extra to strenghten their work on personal integrity. It is proposed that it changes its name to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten and becomes more supportive and advisory (InfoTorg). Read more »

Arguments against experimenting on dogs
The advances in neuroscience and related technology make the practical need and ethics for conducting tests on dogs increasingly questionable (Mathrubhumi). Read more »

Uproar over unregulated herpes experiments in the US
Recent revelations that a U.S. researcher injected Americans with his experimental herpes vaccine without routine FDA safety oversight raised an uproar among scientists and ethicists (StatNews). Read more »

US moratorium on high-risk virus research lifted
The three-year-old policy had 'paused 21 publicly-funded projects (Scientific American). Read more »


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Last updated: 2018-01-12
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